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Varilux Lenses

The Varilux Difference

   Varilux lenses are the most advanced progressive lenses on the market. They're designed to give you back the eyesight you need to live your life seamlessly again.  That's because they accommodate your prescription for seeing near, far and wide - all in one pair of glasses.  So now you can move from one activity to another without thinking about it. It's the way you were meant to live life, and see it.

  • Feel more aware of your surroundings
  • Recognize objects quickly in your peripheral vision
  • Keep your eyes on several children at once
  • See things up close with a clear, natural field of vision
  • Read a magazine and still be able to look up at the TV
  • Dial the small numbers on your cell phone with ease
  • See distant objects clearly
  • Feel confident in active sports like tennis
  • View the road, yet be able to check your speedometer



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